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Why Tom Hanks, Billie Eilish and Kevin Hart ARE TRUE LEGENDS and how they are incredibly successful at everything they do?

World’s #1 Expert in accessing and living in the Flow State.

The 3 levels of “success”

No matter what we think or believe, when we observe human achievements from a neutral point of view, we can notice that there are 3 types of successful people.

  • First, there is the “mainstream success”: the American dream, get a good job, a good paycheck, and good retirement. Get a life partner, have kids and a dog and try to get vacations through your already very jampacked schedule to enjoy your life a little. The first level of success is for the majority of people. Those who follow the trend.

  • Second, there is the “High Achievement Success”: the “work hard” mentality, give your 110% at everything you do, reach for the moon, succeed at any cost, sacrifice now to enjoy later, live the luxurious lifestyle, but you don’t really have time to really appreciate it… Plus you have no freedom. The second level of success are the early adopters. They are the first ones to know when a new trend is emerging.

  • The third level of success is the “Legendary Success”. The one no one talks about, because nobody knows it even exists or thinks it’s even possible to get there. It’s what sets the greatest apart. The 1% of the 1%. The third level of success belongs to those who are the true geniuses of the world. The revolutionaries. They are not following anyone because they stand on their own. They are in a category of one. The third level of success if for those who blaze the trail. Those who set the trend. They are the ones who change the game forever. They are the legends in their fields.

True legends examples

To better understand what’s a true legend, first, let’s take a look at some amazing examples.

Tom Hanks

If we think about Tom Hanks, since the very beginning of his career, whatever the part he plays, he can convince an audience that HE IS the character he’s playing. He can make people sympathize and relate to him, make them believe and feel the emotion of his character, and for an actor, that’s very powerful.

And if we look at his lifelong career, his movies are always hits at the box office. He never had low moments, while other young actors from the 80’s and 90’s have been long forgotten, he’s still there, more amazing and incredibly talented than ever before.

As an actor, and as a human being, he’s a true legend.

Billie Eilish

In the music industry, Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas (who produces all her music), are very good examples of trendsetters and defying convention. Since she was 15, Billie has been very raw and truly authentic in every piece of music she created. Outside of having an incredible voice and being astonishingly talented, what makes her truly unique is that she created a new genre where she doesn’t need to be loud like others, she simply sings from her soul. She expresses her true voice in every creation she makes.

When we look at her fairly short career, her success is bigger than anything we’ve seen before. From billions of downloads of her songs, to Vogue covers, passing by her very unique style, or hosting SNL on her 20th birthday, we can strongly feel who she is in everything she undertakes.

Even at such a young age, she’s a legend. And we can tell that she’s here to stay.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is one of the biggest names in comedy and he’s a true genius at it. His success is mostly due to him telling jokes that are relatable to people, being very raw and honest with his audience and he’s not scared of making fun of himself. Outside of being a stand-up comedian, he’s also been playing hilarious roles in movies and he always pop the screen more than the other actors. He now has a Netflix deal for his comedy shows and also acting and producing his own movies.

And if we look closer at his career, his comedy shows and movies have been seen by millions of people, he’s been having evangelical fans for years and no matter what he does turns into gold. But his greatest achievement is his genuine connection with his audience on social media, showing he truly cares about his people.

As a comedian, he’s a legend.

And he’s not going anywhere.

What these 3 Legendary examples have in common is that they do not need to prove anything to anyone because they know who they are. The own who they are unapologetically. And they dare to shine their light in the world no matter what.

They don’t rush towards a goal or they don’t overwork themselves in order to be successful. They simply express their genius in the world. The are true creatives, they follow their inspiration, they trust their intuition, and they have faith that life supports them no matter what.

They’re not working from the mind. They work from their soul.

They are not goal driven. They are soul driven.

They are not gain oriented. They are soul giving.

They bring who they are, all of themselves, in everything they do.

Even if true legends are rare in our world, they also exist in the business and leadership world.

Everybody knows the billionaire Richard Branson who is a true legend who lives in flow, but there are others like Martin Franklin, Jon Butcher and Michael A. Singer, who are also legendary billionaires who created tons of value in the world.

No wonder why so many high achievers are inspired by them and follow their lead.

The mistake high achievers make

We live in a society where logic and rational dominate our entire culture. The masculine goal-oriented part. And it is omnipresent.

So we strive to achieve our greatest ambitions, being highly focused on the prize, sacrificing living now in order to enjoy our life later. When “we’ll get there”. So we rush and we crush and we grind and hustle. We urge to that next level like our life depended on it.

And somehow, we do “get there”. We make the money. We get the lifestyle. But we never feel satisfied.

So we think, maybe that void inside is simply there to make us go further? Higher? Bigger? Maybe we’ll never be satisfied after all and that’s why we need to keep going? We believe that what created our success so far is the same thing that will make us legendary. That if we only strive harder and perform at a higher level, we’ll get to that next level.

But the thing is that, becoming a legend has absolutely nothing to do with doing, and everything to do with being.

Now what makes someone become a true legend?

As human beings, we all have a masculine and a feminine energy. No matter our sex or our orientation, we have both energies within us.

The positive masculine energy is about building and developing projects in order to bring value in the world, and taking action and perseverance to make them happen. Yes, this energy is highly valuable and intrinsically, there’s nothing wrong with it.

But there’s a downside to it.

If we rely only on the masculine energy, and we suppress the feminine energy, that’s where we fall into the trap of the “negative masculine”, which is where it is less about bringing value and more about self gain, control and power.

This is where work becomes obsessive and unhealthy.

When our entire culture entirely relies solely on the masculine energy, and suppresses the feminine for too long, this is where it becomes highly unbalanced.

And for High achievers, that’s where they hit a plateau they can’t seem to overcome. NO MATTER. HOW HARD. THEY TRY.

Where the masculine energy is meant to be strong,


And it is only when we embody both energies in balance that we become exponential beings, limitless and powerful beyond measure.

So what’s the solution?

It’s about having balance between the masculine and the feminine energies.

The problem is that feminine energy is perceived as weak, as “too soft” to get those amazing results we’re looking for.

But here’s the deal:

Where the masculine energy is meant to be strong,


And it is only when we embody both energies in balance that we become exponential beings, limitless and powerful beyond measure.

It is by embodying and expressing both energies that we become TRUE LEGENDS.

But here lies our problem: because in our society the negative masculine took over, the negative feminine energy repressed itself. It is hiding in survival mode, fearing danger, victimizing feeling rejected and sacrificing itself.

We don’t have good role models of what positive femininity might look like because it’s been hiding for way too long.

But here is what it looks like when the true positive feminine energy is fully embodied: it makes us trues legends!

    How embodying the feminine energy makes us true legends?


    True Legends are highly intuitive and they are guided intuitively to do the right thing at the right moment. Instead to having to learn through trial and error, he/she is connected to the absolute truth, knows the answers or the next natural step (without being able to explain why), which releases them completely from guess work. There’s no need to overthink anything when you know the answers are always within and how to access and fully trust them. And you don’t need to work all the time either. You take action only when the timing is right.


      True Legends are highly creative and their ideas take form very rapidly into reality because they are in flow with life’s energy. Their ideas are supported by an energy that’s stronger than themselves and that’s when the magic happens: the right people and circumstances come at the right moment and everything falls into place beautifully. There’s no need to force things because everything flows seamlessly, they trust their ideas and become masters at what they do, which makes them true geniuses at what they do.


        True Legends truly enjoy all parts of life and live in the moment. They don’t sacrifice the now to enjoy later because their life is happening now! They enjoy now, and they enjoy absolutely everything. They live in symbiosis with life. They are present in the moment. They indulge in their senses. They reap the benefits of relaxation and rejuvenation. They luxuriate in their feelings. They enjoy life to the fullest because that is a big part of being alive. That is a true luxurious life.


        True Legends are POWERFUL. BEYOND. MEASURE. They know who they are and they fully own it. They bring all of themselves, in everything they do. And that’s what makes them highly magnetic, truly successful and feeling fulfilled.

        • It is only by owning their intuition that they blaze a trail where no one has ever gone before. They create a new path where there was no path.
        • It is only by owning their creativity that they create a trend that’s never been seen before. They create something bran new out of thin air that is pure delight for those who experiment it.
        • It is only by living in the moment, being aware and present to the world around them that they can change the way things are being done to create a better way. They are the game changers. The true innovators.

          So, while the masculine lives in the head,

          The feminine lives in the whole body.

          While the masculine energy makes you excellent,

          The feminine makes you a genius.

          While the masculine makes you great,

          The feminine makes you grand and noble.

          That’s why I say that relying on the masculine alone isn’t what’s gonna make you legendary.

          Only balancing with the feminine will make you soar to new heights!

          If you look at all the legends I listed above, you’ll see that I’m right.

          So how do we embody both energies to become a true legend?

          By accessing and living in the “Flow State”.

          « So, while the masculine lives in the head,

          The feminine lives in the whole body.

          While the masculine energy makes you excellent,

          The feminine makes you a genius.

          While the masculine makes you great,

          The feminine makes you grand and noble. »

          Accessing and living in the « Flow State » is what makes you

          Becoming Legendary & Exponential,

          while creating your

          Absolute Legacy, Impact, Energy & Freedom.

          The good news is:


          All you need is to know how!

          Personally, I can stay in flow for several weeks in a row, and when I fall off of it, I know how to get back into the flow state within minutes!

          Now, accomplishing 10x more in a fraction of the time is my new normal!

          And that’s what I want for you too!

          Who I am to make this claim?

          So let me present myself.

          My name is Emilie Paquin and I am the World #1 Expert in accessing and living in the Flow state.

          I empower Elite Leaders to embody their ultimate genius and live in the flow state so they express their inner power and live at their highest potential, while being in a state of grace, feeling whole, enthusiastic, light and free.

          By accessing the Flow state, my clients fully own their worth, access unshakable confidence, have absolute certainty in who they are and what they do, access unequalled performance they never imagine was possible, embody unbreakable inner solidity, and reach unlimited abundance, all of it while feeling high levels of energy, inner peace and harmony.

          Through the flow state, their wildest dreams become reality rapidly and with ease because they truly become infinite beings and unstoppable, and enjoy life to the fullest!

          When Elite Leaders live in the flow state, they become limitless because THEY ARE FREE TO BE THEMSELVES, while feeling pure bliss and joy.

          That’s how they become powerful beyond measure.

          That’s how they become the legends they were always meant to be.

          Are we a good match?

          I work exclusively with a select few private clients of Elite Leaders.

          I empower them to access and live in the Flow State so they:

          • Live at their highest potential and put their genius to contribution to create a better world
          • Spread massive impact in a way that’s meaningful for them.
          • Make their life a work of art that is better than in their wildest dreams
          • Become the legends they were always meant to be

          All of it feeling whole, enthusiastic and deeply fulfilled.

          Now, my questions to you are these:

          • What would your life be like if you lived in the Flow State almost permanently?
          • What would you achieve if you were living in your zone of genius all the time?
          • How fast would you achieve it if you were absolutely unstoppable?

          So, if you have enough of “high performance”, and  you feel called to become legendary, book a call with me.

          I carefully select the people I work with to only « la crème de la crème », which are the people who have the most potential and are a perfect match for my work.

          What I am looking for is the ones who are truly commited and ready to become true legends and create their legacy in the world.

          The best, of the best of the best.

          The 1% of the 1%.

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          Now the ball is on your side. This is about you daring greatly!

          Will you have the courage?

          Can’t wait to talk to you!